State to pursue "relentless" fight against corruption, in conformity with laws of the Republic

Head of the State Abdelkader Bensalah on Wednesday in Algiers reiterated the State determination to pursue "cleansing work" and engage a "relentless" fight against corruption and public funds dilapidation in conformity with the laws of the Republic.

 The "State, which remains attentive to the deep demands and aspirations of our people, is genuinely decided to engage a "relentless" fight in conformity with the laws of the Republic and in compliance with the principle of Presumption of innocence," he said as he addresses the nation, on the occasion of the Independence and Youth Day.

In this regard, Bensalah stressed that the State will make sure that "all the measures be taken so the Algerian workers and the national economy will not be harmed in the aftermath of the (legal) decisions regarding the bosses of the concerned companies.

The State’s cleansing work and the consolidation of its supervision is accompanied by a vigorous fight against corruption and the dilapidation of the public funds.

Such a fight is "waged by a Judiciary which now accomplishes the totality of its missions with rigor."

In this regard, the Head of the State paid a "strong tribute" to the Algerian people for "showing maturity and lucidity during such a sensitive period, through an exemplary civic conduct."

Exercising rights while respecting others, laws of the Republic

"The fact that our fellow citizens and the security forces showed restraint allowed to maintain the peaceful nature of the protests and certainly constitutes a civilizational asset which our country can be proud of," he added.

In this regard, Bensalah said "while all efforts must be made so that the fundamental rights and liberties enshrined in our Constitution, notably the right to speech and demonstrate are fully respected and protected, it is necessary, in the same time, to ensure that the rights are exercised in the respect for others and, particularly in compliance with the Laws of the Republic. So, the expression of those rights should not be diverted to objectives of harming the stability of our country and its national unity."

Moreover, he stressed that the Algerians’  "legitimate aspiration" to change the governance mode "has been heard and is now placed in the heart of the public preoccupations and on top of the State preoccupations."


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