President of the Republic chairs High Security Council meeting

President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune chaired Thursday, in Algiers, a High Security Council meeting, the presidency of the Republic said in a statement.

Before the opening of the meeting, held at the presidency of the Republic, "Tebboune invited the participants to observe a minute of silence in memory of the late Mujaheed Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaid Salah and in tribute to his great sacrifices and his devotion to the country's service," the statement said.

The High Security Council started its works "by greeting the large number of people that accompanied the deceased to his final lasting place, a picture that has stunned the world and showed synergy between the valiant Algerian and their People's National Army, the guarantor of the Constitution and the institutions of the Republic."

In addition, the High Security Council "discussed the situation in the region, especially along the border with Libya and Mali," the statement said.

The High Security Council "has taken a series of measures for the protection of our borders and our national territory and for giving a fresh impetus to Algeria's role at the international level, especially in relation to the two issues," the presidency's statement said.

The participants in the meeting also tackled the latest development in the Sahel, the Sahara region and Africa.

The president of the Republic has decided to convene a meeting of the High Security Council periodically and whenever necessary.




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