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Information relating to press sector :

- El-Moudjahid (P.24) and Horizons (P.24) wrote about the installation ceremony of Fnides Ben Bella, yesterday, as General manager  of the Daily newspaper Echaâb, replacing Ms Amina Debbache. During the ceremony, the Minister of Communication, spokesman of the government, and Acting Minister of Culture Mr. Hassane Rabehi, emphasized the great importance of this daily newspaper on the media scene.

- On the occasion of the celebration of National Press Day, the Chief of Security of the Wilaya of Ain Temouchent organized a reception to honour local press people of different media.


Information relating to press sector :

- In a statement made yesterday to the press on the sidelines of the meeting dedicated to presenting the conclusions of the follow-up group to the recommendations of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), the Minister of Communication, spokesman of the government, and Acting Minister of Culture Mr. Hassane Rabehi recalled that “Algeria is actively promoting human rights, believing that the demonstrations that take place since 22 February prove that these rights are indeed guaranteed”. He also underlined the enormous efforts made by Algeria to protect the rights of women and children as well as expression and opinion freedom, adding that this was confirmed by the UN”. Finally, the Minister returned to the annual movement of magistrates contested by some of them, hoping that their behavior  had a legal basis as long as they knew the law,” reported El-Moudjahid (P.01-04), Horizons (P.01-03), as well as many  of today’s press titles

- El-Moudjahid (P.02) announces the organization, tomorrow at 10 a.m., at the Moufdi Zakaria Culture Palace, by the National Centre of documentation, press, image and information (CNDPI) of an exhibition of historical photos, as part of the celebration of the 65th anniversary of the liberation war.

- El-Moudjahid (P.05), published that the late Ali Fodil was buried yesterday in the cemetery of Bir Ghbalou (Bouira) in the presence of the Minister of Communication, spokesman of  the government, and Acting Minister of Culture Mr. Hassane Rabehi as well as other ministers and a host of journalists, political figures, citizens and relatives of the deceased. The Minister of Justice, Belkacem Zeghmati sent, on Saturday a message of condolence to the family of the deceased, reports the same newspaper.




Information relating to press sector :

National Press Day:

- The Minister for Communication, spokesman of the Government, acting Minister for Culture, Mr. Hassane Rabehi, said on the margins of National Press Day, last Tuesday in Algiers, that the organization of televised debates between candidates, in preparation for the presidential elections of December 12th, will be the responsibility of the Independent National Election Authority (ANIE). In response to a question regarding the prosecution of a journalist, the Minister of Communications noted that "the person concerned and all persons prosecuted in court shall be tried in accordance with the laws of the Republic. The Minister also called on journalists to "be objective and comply with the rules of ethics and professionalism", reported El Moudjahid (P.03) and Horizons (P.03). Minister of Communication urged journalists to advocate for the virtues of dialogue and fight  any manipulation of intox, Horizons (P.03) has reviewed several issues raised by the Minister including the financial problems of some  private press, the granting of state advertising and the oil and gas law.

- On the margins of the National Press Day celebration, In Jijel, four cooperation agreements were signed on Tuesday between representatives of the local press and several doctors regarding a reduction in fees for medical examinations and imagery, reports Ouest Tribune (P.08).

- On the same occasion, a conference was held on Tuesday at Ibn Khaldoune University in Tiaret, stressing the importance of the local press and its role in society, particularly in the era of technological and digital progress. In addition, the Wali of Tébéssa visited, with a delegation of local and military officials, the press center Malek Bennabi to pay tribute tojournalists, announce la Nouvelle République (P.05) and Le Quotidien d'Oran (P.20).

- Speaking on the occasion of National Press Day, which coincided with the 64th anniversary of the newspaper El Moukawama El Djazairia (Algerian Resistance) first publication, the Minister for Moujahidine, Tayeb Zitouni, on Tuesday, welcomed the achievements of journalists during the National Liberation War, calling them "great men of history", reports El Moudjahid (P.13).

-  The wilaya of Constantine and the direction of culture celebrated National Press Day at the military hotel where the wali Abdelsamia Saidoune gave a speech highlighting the role of the journalist, underlines L’Expression (P.24).


- According to a recent press communiqué from the Professional Football League, whose director said he was satisfied with the results of the last meeting with the EPTV managers, the league is preparing to sign an agreement for the next three years with the EPTV, announces Le Rédcateur (P.16)


Information relating to press sector :

Celebration of  the National Press day:

- In a message read by the Minister of Communication, Spokesman of the Government and Acting Minister of Culture, Mr. Hassane Rabehi, on the occasion of National Press Day, the Head of State, Abdelkader Bensalah welcomed "the effort made by the public and private information sector, the print, audiovisual, radio and electronic press, calling on professionals in the sector to devote media professionalism, particularly in the upcoming presidential election of  December 12th. He also recalled that the Algerian press has always been closely linked to the commitment to great national causes because of the loyalty of journalists to their profession and their fidelity to their homeland, reported El Moudjahid (P.03). and Horizons (P.04).

- former figures of the national press, some of them posthumously, were honored in Algiers on the occasion of the National Press Day in the presence of the Minister for Communication, Hassane Rabehi, government spokesman and acting Minister of Culture, said El Moudjahid (P.04).

- El Moudjahid (P.03) and Horizons (P.24) review yesterday’s award ceremony for the "President of the Republic prize  of Professional Journalist" in its 5th edition,  with  the theme "The virtues of dialogue", under the aegis of the Head of State and in the presence of members of the Government, and the distinction of the winners who have been selected in the various media categories, namely the print media audiovisual, radio, electronic and caricature, A total of 126 works, were submitted to the jury.

- The headquarters of the city of Batna press center will be received during the next days,  noted yesterday, the wali, Farid Mohamedi, stresses El Moudjahid (P.04).

-  On the occasion of the national press day, Algérie Télécom sends its best wishes to all Algerian journalists, reports La Nouvelle République (P.05).

- Yesterday, a delegation from the DGSN paid a friendly visit to the Director-General of DK News, conveying the greetings of the Director-General of National Security on the occasion of the National Press Day, publishes DK News (P.24).

- On this same occasion, the Walis of Algiers, Sétif, Tlemcen, Oran and the Secretary-General of the Wali of Mostaganem held yesterday receptions in honor  of journalists from different  media  in  the local press.


- The General Inspector of the Ministry of Communication, Mr. Ahmed Benzlikha, announced, Tuesday in Algiers, the organization of  workshops to examine the legal aspects related to the social situation of journalists in order to defend their legitimate socio-economic rights and support them in their noble mission, reported El-Moudjahid (P.04) and Horizons (P.24).



Information relating to press sector :

Minister activities

- Invited, yesterday in Algiers, to the Echaâb newspaper’s forum on «false information and the means to contain it », the Minister of Communication, spokesman of the government, and Acting Minister of Culture Mr. Hassane Rabehi warned media professionals against the risk of falling into the trap of fake news especially with the coming election campaign, adding that «legislation relating to the information and communication sector is up to the expectations and ambitions of the corporation». Referring to the oil and gas bill, the minister noted that “it is in the service of the national economy without prejudice to the interests of the country”. In response to a question on Amar Saâdani’s latest statements on Western Sahara, Mr. Hassane Rabehi stated that Algeria’s position  supporting the Saharawi cause and the right of the Saharawi people is “Clear and unequivocal,” reported El-Moudjahid (P.01-04), Horizons (P.01-03-24), and almost all of the newspapers published today.

- El-Moudjahid (P.01) recalls in its  editorial the commemoration of the National Press Day, which is an opportunity to pay tribute to the militants of the liberation war and to evaluate, also, the progress made by this profession, recalling that the prize of the President of the Republic of professional journalist will be awarded tonight at the International Conference Centre of Algiers.


- The Police of Constantine held a conference on the legal lexicon used in the press as part of the celebration of National Press Day, reports L'Expression (P.09)