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Information relating to press sector :


- During the installation ceremony of journalist Nouria Bourihane, in the position of Director General of the daily newspaper Horizons, replacing Mr. Larbi Timizar, Minister of Communications, spokesman of  the government, Acting Minister of Culture, Mr. Hassane Rabehi, said, on Thursday, that the presidential election will allow Algeria to face challenges with serenity, "once the president is elected and the government  established", underlines Horizons (P.24).

- The issue of candidates passage on the public media, once the electoral campaign begins will be decided next Thursday, at a second meeting between officials of the National Independent Electoral Authority (ANIE) and representatives of the Audiovisual Regulatory Authority (ARAV), says El Moudjahid (P.03).

- Journalist Hayat Diab, died Friday evening at her home at the age of 37 after a long battle against the disease, announces Le Quotidien d'Oran (P.10). The journalist held the position of Communication Officer at the APC of Tiaret after working in several national newspapers.

- Algérie Confluences (P.02) reports that journalist Walid Bourzah of the APS won the first prize of the 13th edition of the contest «Media Star» in the category «electronic press» organized by the telephone operator Ooredoo

- It should be noted the publication of the new newspaper "Rencontre", a national newspaper providing general information in French.

Information relating to press sector :

Minister activities:

- The Minister of Communication, spokesman of the Government, and Acting Minister of Culture Mr. Hassane Rabehi declared yesterday on the sidelines of the installation of the jury members of the 5th edition of the «Assia-Djebar Great Prize for Novel» 2019, that “all measures and conditions are taken to ensure a favorable climate for the organization of transparent elections, while highlighting the role played by justice in the fight against corruption. The Minister also sent a message to the press “to support the government’s efforts to guide our people in the right direction…”, reported El-Moudjahid (P.04) and Horizons (P.24).


- Invited on Tuesday at the El-Moudjahid Forum, ANIE Vice-president of the independent national election authority, Abdelhafid Milat said that the updated national electronic electoral register will be presented to the media today, adding that the election campaign ethics charter will have to be signed soon by presidential candidates and media representatives in order to prevent any interference with the regularity of the elections and to guarantee equality. between the candidates, indicates Midi Libre (P.03) as well as most of the titles published today.

- All of today’s newspapers evoked  El-Djeïch magazine, which devoted its November edition’s editorial to the presidential election, considered as “the only way out of the crisis”, calling on the Algerian people to make their contribution to the “success of the elections with all conviction and without hesitation”.


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Condolences :

- Saddened by the death of El-Haddaf journalist Mohamed Amine Aguemoune, the Minister of  Communication, spokesman of the government and acting Minister of Culture, Mr. Hassane Rabehi presents his sincere condolences to all his family and assures them of his support and sympathy, report Horizons (P.24) and El-Moudjahid (P.24).


- Horizons (P.24) and L'Expression (P.05) announce the installation yesterday of Mrs Fatma-Zohra Taieb-Ezzraimi as Secretary-General of the Ministry of Communication, replacing Abdelkader Eulmi.

-  Invited yesterday at the El-Moudjahid Forum (P.03), the Vice-president of the ANIE, Mr. Abdelhafid Milat, said that this authority will have to divide air time among the candidates, adding that a discussion is currently being held to construct the first televised debate between candidates.

- In its report published last Tuesday, the NGO Freedom House estimates that internet freedom is in decline for the ninth year through the creation  of advanced social media monitoring programs or the direct cutting of internet access in some countries, indicates El Hayat El Arabiya (P.21).

- Within the framework of the Environmental Landscape Awareness Programme, the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy, organizes a training session from 03 to 18 November for the local journalists of the wilaya of Oum- el-Bouaghi, says Le Soir d'Algérie (P.09).

Information relating to press sector :

Minister activities:

- The Minister for Communication, spokesman of the Government and Acting Minister of Culture, Mr. Hassane Rabehi, took part in the prize-giving ceremony for the 24th edition of the competition on 1st November 1954, organized yesterday at the National Centre for Studies and Research on the National Movement and Revolution of 1 November 1954, chaired by the Minister of Moujahidine, Tayeb Zitouni, indicate El Moudjahid (P.03),  Horizons (P.04-05), as well as several dailies including L'Expression (P.24), La Nation Arabe (P.01- 03), Le Temps D'Algérie (P.02), El Hayat Al Arabiya (P.01- 03), Le Maghreb (P.24), and DK News (P.01- 03). On the sidelines of this ceremony, the Minister of Communication stated that all measures are being taken for the successful holding of the election campaign to engage in the next election with responsibility in order to overcome the economic situation.

- The Minister of Communication, Spokesman of the Government and Acting Minister of Culture, Mr. Hassane Rabehi, declared during his presence, yesterday on the margins of the opening of the Islamic High Council (HCI) cultural season, held in Dar El Djazair, at the Safex that "the ballot box will decide and give power to the one who will gather the highest number of votes", inviting citizens to make the presidential a rendezvous with democracy. Regarding the books published on the Hirak, at the Algiers International Book Fair (SILA), the Minister of Communication said that "the Hirak is a peaceful social phenomenon that has benefited from the respect of all" and wished that the Hirak proves its interest in democracy, reports Horizons (P.05-07).

- El Moudjahid highlighted the presence of the Minister of Communication, spokesman of the government and Acting Minister of Culture, Mr. Hassane Rabehi at the ceremony organized at the International Conference Centre (CIC), Abdelatif-Rahal, in honour of the Algerian karate players, winners of the World Championships in Madrid.


- DK News (P.02) announces that ANEP is organizing, this afternoon, a sale-dedication session with Mohamed Balhi and Khedidja Ait Hammouda around the book “Au pays de Syphax, roi numide” at its stand at Safex.

- National public television (ENTV) would prepare the first televised debate between candidates according to the American model, indicates Tribune Des Lecteurs (P.23).




Information relating to press sector :

Media :

-  According to the President of the Independent National Electoral Authority, a Charter of Ethics for Electoral Practices will be drawn up and signed by the ANIE, the candidates as well as the press before the election campaign begins, reports El-Moudjahid (P.04).

- According to Le Periscoop of the newspaper Le Soir d'Algérie (P.02), national television will mobilize large human and material resources, deploying its teams through the 48 wilayas, to ensure full coverage of the presidential election.

- The Direction of  Environment and Renewable Energy in  the Wilaya of M'sila and Environmental Centre, organised a training session at the beginning of this week for journalists and correspondents of the wilaya, announces Le Soir d'Algérie (P.09).

- On the occasion of the International Day for the End of Impunity of Crimes Against Journalists, the United Nations called on the world to act in order to defend journalists, truth and justice, reports Le Rédacteur  (P.10).