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Minister activities:

- In an address, on the occasion of the celebration of Interantional Day of Disabled Persons, at the Ben Aknoun Family Centre, the Minister of Communication, Spokesman of the Government, and Acting Minister of Culture Mr. Hassane Rabehi reiterated the permanent commitment of its department and its willingness to work in coordination with all institutions in charge of persons with special needs, and to support any effort to promote the rights of these persons, reported El-Moudjahid (P.01-09), Horizons (P.01-07), DK News (P.06), Le Monde (P.04), and L'Echo d'Algérie (P.04).

- Horizons (P.04), El-Hayat El-Arabyia (P.24), Le Jour d'Algérie (P06), Midi Libre (P.23) and  La Nation Arabe (P.04) reviewed  the statements made by the Minister of Communication, Spokesman of the Government, and Acting Minister of Culture Mr. Hassane Rabehi during his visit, Monday, to the wilaya of Sétif, focusing, in particular, on the mobilization by the State of all the necessary means to strengthen the potentialities of the media, inviting journalists from several  media to carry out their mission and to broadcast  truthful information.


-in a statement made yesterday to the press following a meeting held at the ANIE headquarters with the campaign managers of the five candidates, the ANIE’s information officer, Ali Draâ indicated that the televised debate that will take place next Friday at the International Conference Centre Abdelatif Rahal at 7pm will be broadcast on  live by public television channels, national radio and all licensed private television channels and will last almost three hours, explaining, in parallel, that conducting a survey on the chances of each candidate is not a matter for the authority, reports El-Moudjahid (P.24) and Horizons (P.04)

-  According to Horizons (P.02), the Algerian National Commission for UNESCO, will host a conference on the ethical values of artificial intelligence at its headquarters on 07 December, which will be moderated by Ahmed Benzlikha.



Information relating to press sector :

- Following his work and inspection visit yesterday in the wilaya of Sétif, the Minister of Communication, spokesman of the government, and Acting Minister of Culture Mr. Hassane Rabehi has undertaken the introduction and the visit of several projects under his Ministerial Department which will contribute to the strengthening of local information. Recalling the upcoming elections of 12 December, Mr. Hassane Rabehi said that a strong participation will be a sharp response to the enemies of the nation and the whole world, especially by this great cohesion of the people and the ANP, as reported by some titles published today, including El-Moudjahid (P.07), Horizons (P. 03), DK News (P.06), L'Expression (P.24), and  L'Echo D'Algérie.

- El-Moudjahid (P.03), Horizons (P.04), DK News (P.03) and Algérie Confluences (P.04), recall that the televised debate between the five candidates running for the presidential election on 12 December will take place next Friday, according to a communiqué made to the press yesterday by Ali Draâ, Information Officer of the Independent National Election Authority (ANIE).



Informations relatives au secteur de la Communication

Activités du ministre:

- Lors d’une visite effectuée, hier,  dans la wilaya de Djelfa,  le ministre de la Communication, porte-parole du gouvernement, et ministre de la Culture par intérim M. Hassane Rabehi a  appelé les citoyens de cette wilaya à aller massivement aux urnes le 12 décembre prochain, tout en précisant que le secteur de la communication veille « à s’acquitter de son devoir dans l’information du citoyen en toute crédibilité et avec professionnalisme… ». Le ministre a également inspecté le chantier d’aménagement d’un siège pour une station de la télévision algérienne au chef lieu de wilaya de Djelfa qui s’inscrit dans le cadre du programme du Gouvernement portant ouverture de stations régionales de la télévision et qui constitue un support pour le renforcement de l’information de proximité », une information qui a été rapportée par quelques titres parus ce jour dont El-Moudjahid (P.01-07), Horizons (P.01-03), DK News (P.24), Ouest Tribune (P.05), El-Hayat El-Arabyia, (P.24) L’Echo d’Algérie (P.04) et  La Cité (P.07).


- El-Moudjahid (P.01) consacre son éditorial au débat télévisé entre les cinq candidats à la présidentielle qui pourrait avoir lieu le vendredi, six décembre prochain, précisant que les journalistes animateurs doivent se hisser à la hauteur des exigences d’un tel challenge que l’on souhaite sérieux, pertinent, et de s’imposer une stricte neutralité. Par ailleurs, El-Moudjahid (P.07) révèle, selon le chargé de communication de l’Autorité nationale indépendante des élections, Ali Draâ, que  quatre candidats ont donné leur accord pour cette date en attendant la confirmation du cinquième pour trancher, précisant que le débat sera organisé sur le plateau de la chaîne publique et pourra être retransmis sur toutes les chaînes de télévision privées si elles le souhaitent.

Information relating to press sector :


- The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Communication, Fatima-Zohra El-Tayeb Zeghimi installed, yesterday in Oran the new President and CEO of the newspaper El-Djomhouria, Kralifa Mohamed, succeeding Bouziane Benachour. In an address given on the occasion, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Communication, stressed that this designation is part of the series of changes taking place at the level of institutions in the sector aiming at its development and the renewal of its energies, reported Horizons (P.24), El-Moudjahid (P.24), DK News (P.02), L'Expression (P.24), El-Hayat El Arabiya (P.24), Tribune des Lecteurs (P.24), Les Débats (P.24) and La Nouvelle République (P.03).

- El-Moudjahid (P.09), notes that the five candidates to the presidential election of 12 December welcomed the proposal by ANIE to hold a televised debate before national and international public opinion, writing to the President of the ANIE informing him of their availability for the organization of this meeting.

-  El-Moudjahid (P.05) points out that in the wilaya of Constantine, social media, and particularly Facebook, constitute, increasingly, a platform for exchange and debate through the proliferation of pages calling for a great mobilization during the election.


Information relating to press sector :


- The Head of State, Abdelkader Bensalah, received on Monday at the Presidency of the Republic, the President of the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH), Bouzid Lazhari, who presented "The annual report on human rights situation in Algeria" for 2018, in accordance with the  Article 199 of the Constitution, indicates a communiqué from the Presidency of the Republic. The report examined a number of issues, including freedom of expression and the press, which is one of the pillars of democratic society, and constitutional and legal texts in Algeria. The document added that "the number of newspapers, magazines, radio and television channels in Algeria is the irrefutable proof that freedom is concretized and is gradually developing. The CNDH also insisted on not using financial and material resources to force media, public or private, to follow a certain line, and the obligation to "distribute advertising fairly". The report stressed the need to protect journalists from all forms of prosecution, calling on journalists to show professionalism, report several titles such as El-Moudjahid (P.24), Horizons (P.03) and Algérie Confluences (P.05).

- Yesterday, the Independent National Election Authority (ANIE) launched the accreditation process for journalists to cover the 12 December elections, with the accreditation of 21 foreign media organs, according to a press communiqué, information reported by the majority of newspapers published today, including El-Moudjahid (P.07), Horizons (P.06) and Le Quotidien  D'Oran (P.02).