Revue de presse

El Moudjahid (p02) /Horizons (p02) :

- Minister of Communication, Mr. Hamid Grine, visit on 19 and 20 January the province of Souk Ahras, as part of a working visit and inspection. The Minister will visit the sites of the local radio and television broadcasting of Algeria (TDA) to examine needs expressed by the sector in this border province.

El Moudjahid (p30) /Horizons (p32) / L e Temps d'Algérie (p24)/ L'Expression (p24):

-The newspapers return on the message of the Minister of Communication, Hamid Grine, who invited yesterday Algerian journalists to cover the Africa Cup of Nations football (CAN 2015), whose kicks off today, in such a way "committed, ethical and patriotic."
"Here we are again engaged in a great sporting event, CAN football. The national colors are represented with dignity, and support richly deserved success of ambitions," the Minister said in a message addressed to Algerian journalists the day before the continental sports event. "We call for this occasion, our journalists of the press and public and private media to accompany, to the end, the national team in Equatorial Guinea and to cover the even with a committed, ethical and patriotic manner " he added.
"We are confident that the passion of sport will be matched by our reporters that their attachment to professionalism and ethics," said Mr. Grine in his message.

Horizons :

-International Talent Networks organize today at 17a.m at the Culture Palace Moufdi- Zakaria, a meeting under the theme "Return to Algerian competencies abroad: a reality," in the presence of Ministers of Youth and Communication. (p02)

El Moudjahid:

- The daily evokes the national seminar on cultural information in Ouargla. Participants in the seminar ended last Thursday, stressed on the need to promote and value the role of the media in promoting of the cultural scene in Algeria. The meeting marked by the presentation of communications articulated around the participation of information in the promotion of cultural activities in Algeria, in the light of technological developments in the world, like New Technologies of information and communication and those of broadcasting. The themes included "the relationship between politics, media and culture", "the mission of information and cultural mission," "cultural information through the national press" and "cultural content in the Algerian press. »(p17)

Le Temps d'Algérie:

- "Freedom of expression stops in front of religion and bows to the Prophet Muhammad QSSSL," was the comment of one of the lawyers from nearly a hundred others who protested against the exceeding of the French newspaper Charlie hebdo following the publication of new provocative cartoons published this week, reports le Temps d’Algérie evoking the manifestation of Sidi Bel Abbes lawyers. (p03)

- Like most televisions, many American and English media of print media have blurred in their articles from Wednesday drawings that mocked Islam. (p05)


El Moudjahid :

-The Mufti of Al-Quds, the highest religious authority in the Palestinian Territories, Mohammad Hussein denounced in a statement published yesterday the publication by the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo cartoons impairing the Prophet Mohammed (QSSSL) "insult" to Muslims: "This insult hurt the feelings of almost two billion Muslims in the world", expressing his opposition to all forms of violence: "I condemn the attacks against innocent people and of terrorism in all its forms. Islam prohibits the use of violence against innocent people, whether Muslim or not. "(p32)

L'Echo d'Algérie:

- Intervening during a ceremony organized in honor of the Jury Prize "Children of November", initiated by the Ministries of Mujahideen and Communication on the occasion of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the War of Liberation, Minister of Mojahedin Tayeb Zitouni, stressed the importance of preserving history in order to transmit it to future generations; This common responsibility lies to media both public and private. The minister welcomed the efforts made by journalists through the "collection of Mujahideen testimony" and the work done by some historians who wanted, through their work, "enrich the National Library of scientific and academic productions. "(p04)

El Watan :

- Hardly distributed in Kiosks, three million copies of Charlie Hebdo were sold in a record time yesterday. Printed in 3 million copies and within 5 languages, including Arabic, Charlie Hebdo not only succeeded a political marketing operation, but also a good business. The weekly announced that it increased its edition at 5 million copies. A first annals of the French press. Tthis controversial satirical magazine was going to declare bankruptcy ten days ago, because of budget deficit, concludes the daily El Watan. (p10)

-The daily El Watan returns to the international conference organized by Unesco in Paris yesterday under the title "Being a journalist after Charlie." Journalists from around the world renewed their call for UN member states to develop all legal mechanisms capable of ensuring the safety of journalists. Algerian journalists were represented in the wide range of speakers, the director of El Watan, Omar Belhouchet, invited by UNESCO to present the experience of our profession during the black decade. (p28)

Le Temps d’Algérie :

- The attack against the weekly Charlie Hebdo, which made 12 deaths on 7 January claimed yesterday in a video by Al Qaeda in Yemen. The terrorist group claims to have Partner the attack and recruited Kouachi brothers in a video posting on an Islamist website. This claim comes opportunely on the day of the number sale called "survivors" of the magazine. (p02)

- Al Azhar, one of the most prestigious institutions of Sunni Islam based in Egypt, called yesterday Muslims to "ignore" the new drawings of the Prophet Muhammad (QSSSL) in the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. (p10)



 El Moudjahid (p32)/Horizons (p03) / L’Echo d’Algérie (p02):

- These dailies report that Minister of Communication, Mr. Hamid Grine, received yesterday in Algiers, the Chinese ambassador to Algeria, Yang Guangyu, and they mentioned, including the improvement of cooperation of information and communication field. The interview "focused on the prospect of improving cooperation in the field of information and communication in order to put this one in tune with the excellent political and economic relations between the two countries."

El Moudjahid (p32)/Horizons (p03)/ Le Jour d’Algérie (p24)/DK News(p05):

- Minister of Communication, Mr. Hamid Grine, received yesterday in Algiers, the Iranian ambassador to Algeria, Mr. Reza Ameri, with whom he discussed the state of bilateral relations. The interview "focused on the state of relations between the two countries and the need to put cooperation at this level of excellence with as perspective energizing cooperation in the field of information and communication, "say the same newspapers.

El Moudjahid :

- Speaking at a ceremony organized yesterday in Algiers, in honor of the jury award "Children of November" in the presence of the Minister of Culture, Ms. Nadia Labidi, Minister of the Mujahideen, Mr. Tayeb Zitouni, stressed the importance of this meeting which honors members of the jury for the award in recognition of their contribution to the success of this contest, initiated by the Ministries of Mujahideen and Communication on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the war of Liberation. (p05)

Le Temps d’Algerie :
-At The time when most of the American media refused to publish the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (QSSSL), Charlie Hebdo decided to republish, in its next number tomorrow, in millions of copies, drawing on this religious symbol for a quarter of the world population. A decision that can reinforce the supporters of radical discourse and strengthen the terrorists who continue to threaten global security, especially in Muslim countries. (...) Evidence of this dangerous trivialization, the skit Charline Vanhoenacker, broadcasted last night on France 2, which has "improvised" an "interview" of Prophet Muhammad (QSSSL). A sequence that created a controversy. (p02)

- Several US media, including the famous New York Times and the public radio NPR, refused to republish the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in support of victims of the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo which published the cartoons in 2006, provoking a wave emotion in the Muslim community. The American press was bravely criticized for its failure to reproduce the controversial drawings by the French. What was unexpected that Jyllands Posten, the famous Danish daily the origin of cartoons about the Prophet of Islam, in 2005, he also refused to take back the cartoons of Charlie Hebdo. In Asia, several media organizations condemned the attacks and denouncing the "line Charlie Hebdo". (p02)



El Moudjahid (p04) / Horizons (p04)/ Le Soir d’Algérie (p04)/ L’Expression (p04)/ L’Echo d’Algérie (p04) :

- These newspapers reported the remarks of Minister of Communication, Mr. Hamid Grine during his working visit and inspection yesterday in Blida, where he presided the official festivities of New Year Amazigh (Yennayer 2965) organized on the initiative of the local radio. On the margins of his visit, Mr Grine indicated to the press that "we are working progressively to eliminate shadow areas affecting the radio broadcast in collaboration with the Algerian Public Company TV broadcasting (TDA)." The Minister also addressed the issue of advertising by claiming that this question will be closed in a few months, he revealed, in this sense, the completion of the preliminary draft law on advertising a view to its approval next March or April.

Midi Libre :
- In its column "Dixit", the daily published a passage from Minister of Communication, Mr. Hamid Grine, in a press conference during his working visit, the day before yesterday, in the province of Bouira. (p02)

El Watan :
- The daily informs that the Organization of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will organize tomorrow in Paris, a tribute day to Charlie Hebdo, where the debate on press freedom and security of journalists will be launched by several journalists whose the publishing director of El Watan, Omar Belhouchet. (p24)

Le Temps d’Algérie :
- Many Internet users said yesterday through social networks that "journalists of Charlie Hebdo are not the only victims of murder in the world." These Internet users also reminded the assassination of almost twenty journalists by the Israeli army in Gaza. Others talked of the sad fate of Israel to the famous Palestinian cartoonist Naji Al-Ali. "The death of these Arab and Muslim journalists did not make the Western media, especially French, which are touched when one of their killed somewhere in the world. And especially when culprits are suspected Islamists. Worse, they never speak of a Palestinian journalist as a colleague, "reads through networks. Finally, these Internet users reiterated that "the value of the human being is the same regardless of their religion, color of skin or nationality." (p02)

- Questioned on France Info radio the possibility of drawings of the Prophet Mohammed in the next issue of the weekly Charlie Hebdo, the lawyer for this latter, Mr. Richard Malka, said the next number will be on Wednesday, it is prepared by the survivors of the bloody attack against the satirical newspaper in Paris, and obviously include caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed. (p02)

El Moudjahid (p32) / Le Temps d’Algérie (p16) :
- These dailies dedicated a large space to pay tribute to journalist Mohamed Mekati victim of terrorism, who was murdered on January 9, 1996 afternoon, outside his home in Ain Naâdja in Algiers.



El Moudjahid (p02) / Horizons (p02) :

- Minister of Communication, Mr. Hamid Grine visits today the province of Blida in which he will inspect the progress of projects relating the sector, particularly in the fields of broadcasting and the proximity radio broadcasting.

El Moudjahid (p04)/ Horizons (p04)/ Liberté (24)/ L’Expression (p04):

- Minister of Communication, Mr. Hamid Grine gave yesterday in Bouira, kick off Amazigh Web radio Tis-snat corresponding to the official celebration of Yennayer 2965, the first day of the year Amazigh in the presence of the wali and P / APW of Bouira, Directors general of ENTV, national radio, the Algerian TV broadcasting (TDA), the national Copyright Office (ONDA), representatives of the HCA, as well as representatives of local associations. In his speech broadcast on local radio of this province, Hamid Grine said that it is time to move towards the realization of the principle that information is sacred, far from any form of defamation.

El Moudjahid (p32)/ Horizons (p24) :

- The dailies report that Minister of Communication, Mr. Hamid Grine, presented his condolences to the family and to all the colleagues of the journalist and writer Nadir Masmoudi.

Liberté :

- The daily reports that the German newspaper Hamburger Morgenpost, which published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad originating from Charlie Hebdo, attacked yesterday morning from an attack with an incendiary device, causing no victims. (p02)