Minister of Communication, Spokesman of the Government inaugurates center of Algerian Television in Tindouf

A centre of the Algerian Television was inaugurated Thursday, in Tindouf, by Minister of Communication, Spokesman of the Government and acting Minister of Culture Hassane Rabehi.

The inauguration of this new audiovisual body, which will strengthen the national media sector, coincides with the international economic-commercial event “Mouggar,” organized currently in Tindouf, and reflects Algeria’s position in the region, said the minister.

“The participation of a good number of neighboring countries in this economic-commercial event reflects Algeria’s commitment to strengthening ties of cooperation, solidarity and of good neighborliness in the region,” said Rabehi, adding that the State gave, through the event of Mouggar, a sincere signal of the interest that it attaches to its relations with its neighbors and its concern to endow the region with the necessary conditions of a descent life.

The participation of several operators of these neighboring countries in this event, in addition to their Algerian counterparts, is likely to combine the conditions of stability and development in the region, he said.

Emphasizing its role to develop and promote this border region’s potentialities, Rabehi said that the centre of the Television of Tindouf is entrusted to the region’s young people who have already been trained at the level of the Algerian Television stations.