National press review of november, 19th 2019

- The election campaign was the theme that marked all the front pages of  newspapers published today, Tuesday 19 November 2019.

- Jeunesse d'Algérie (P.03) focused on the media coverage of the election campaign by Monday national press, reporting, the determination of the five candidates running to convince the Algerians to go and vote massively in order to get the country out of the political crisis it is going through. In the same context, Transaction d'Algérie (P.07) believes that the Oranese press, in its Monday deliveries, has unanimously qualified the launch of the electoral campaign as “timid”, while the regional dailies of the East of the country, published yesterday, reported for the most part that this campaign was started in full «discretion», punctuated by «surprise visits» for some candidates, says La Cité (P.02).