National press review of november, 13th 2019

Information relating to press sector :

- Saddened by the death of Mohamed Chaou, journalist at Reporters, Mr. Hassane Rabehi, Minister of Communication, spokesman of the government, and Acting Minister of Culture, expresses to  the whole  family of the deceased, his sincere condolences, indicated El-Moudjahid (P.24) and Horizons (P.24).

Media :

- On the occasion of the celebration of the Month of lights, Rabie El Awel 1441, Quran Radio will organize, tomorrow at 9 a.m., at the Aissa Messaoudi Cultural Centre of the National Radio, a conference in the presence of the Minister of Communication, Mr. Hassane Rabehi and the Minister of Religious Affairs, Mr.Youcef Belmehdi, announces Horizons (P.02).

- Speaking, yesterday, on national radio, the communication officer of the ANIE, Ali Draâ stated that this authority will not interfere in the content of the candidates' speeches adding that the ARAV expressed confidence in the objectivity and impartiality of the national public and private audiovisual media, and their rejection of any provocation or  alarmism, say L'Écho D'Algérie (P.24) and Le Jeune Indépendant (P.03).