National press review of november, 12th 2019

Information relating to press sector :


- El-Moudjahid (P.04) discusses fair and equitable access to national audiovisual media for candidates in the next presidential election. Based on this, the Audiovisual Regulatory Authority (ARAV) and the Independent National Election Authority (ANIE) work in coordination to ensure that candidates are given the same opportunities and technical conditions as well as the duration of broadcasts according to the regulations in force.

- El-Moudjahid (P.04) stresses that the distribution of the time spent by candidates on the public media will be decided on Thursday, by ANIE executives and the ARAV, while the ethics charter will be signed next Saturday.

- L'Expression (P.01-03) devotes its front page and its editorial to the televised debate between the five candidates, a direct confrontation, much awaited by public opinion, which could “boost” participation. Referring to the statements made by the Vice-president of the national independent authority of elections Anie, Abdelhafid Milat, who announced making  contacts with the leaders of Arav to coordinate their action for the realization of this initiative.

-  In order to strengthen the role of the media in the promotion of the national heritage, the Ministry of Culture organized, yesterday at the library of El Hamma, a day of training and awareness of the national ecocultural heritage for journalists reports El-Moudjahid (P.11).

- L’Expression (P.24) celebrated its 19th anniversary yesterday in a convivial atmosphere at its headquarters in Kouba.