National press review of november, 07th 2019

Information relating to press sector :

Minister activities:

- The Minister of Communication, spokesman of the Government, and Acting Minister of Culture Mr. Hassane Rabehi declared yesterday on the sidelines of the installation of the jury members of the 5th edition of the «Assia-Djebar Great Prize for Novel» 2019, that “all measures and conditions are taken to ensure a favorable climate for the organization of transparent elections, while highlighting the role played by justice in the fight against corruption. The Minister also sent a message to the press “to support the government’s efforts to guide our people in the right direction…”, reported El-Moudjahid (P.04) and Horizons (P.24).


- Invited on Tuesday at the El-Moudjahid Forum, ANIE Vice-president of the independent national election authority, Abdelhafid Milat said that the updated national electronic electoral register will be presented to the media today, adding that the election campaign ethics charter will have to be signed soon by presidential candidates and media representatives in order to prevent any interference with the regularity of the elections and to guarantee equality. between the candidates, indicates Midi Libre (P.03) as well as most of the titles published today.

- All of today’s newspapers evoked  El-Djeïch magazine, which devoted its November edition’s editorial to the presidential election, considered as “the only way out of the crisis”, calling on the Algerian people to make their contribution to the “success of the elections with all conviction and without hesitation”.