Presidential election: All measures taken for election campaign to go smoothly

The minister of Communication, spokesman of the Government and acting minister of Culture, Hassane Rabehi, said Monday that all the measures have been taken ahead of the presidential election on December 12, to ensure that the election campaign goes smoothly.

The National Independent Authority for Elections has taken all the measures for "the election campaign to go smoothly and in the best possible conditions," Rabehi told reporters on the sidelines of an awarding ceremony for the winners of the November Award organized by the ministry of Mujahideen.

The minister expressed wish that the candidates deal with the utmost responsibility" and "commitment" with citizens and the other election actors.

Rabehi stressed the event's importance, saying that it will allow Algeria to overcome the current situation.

He added that he believes there will be a "large-scale participation" in the presidential election of December 12th.

The event will allow Rabehi "to elect a president enjoying full legitimacy to run the country's affairs, especially as Algeria has the capacity and human skills which, if used appropriately, would allow him to fulfill our aspirations for comprehensive development, serenity and tranquility."