National press review of november, 06th 2019

Information relating to press sector :

Condolences :

- Saddened by the death of El-Haddaf journalist Mohamed Amine Aguemoune, the Minister of  Communication, spokesman of the government and acting Minister of Culture, Mr. Hassane Rabehi presents his sincere condolences to all his family and assures them of his support and sympathy, report Horizons (P.24) and El-Moudjahid (P.24).


- Horizons (P.24) and L'Expression (P.05) announce the installation yesterday of Mrs Fatma-Zohra Taieb-Ezzraimi as Secretary-General of the Ministry of Communication, replacing Abdelkader Eulmi.

-  Invited yesterday at the El-Moudjahid Forum (P.03), the Vice-president of the ANIE, Mr. Abdelhafid Milat, said that this authority will have to divide air time among the candidates, adding that a discussion is currently being held to construct the first televised debate between candidates.

- In its report published last Tuesday, the NGO Freedom House estimates that internet freedom is in decline for the ninth year through the creation  of advanced social media monitoring programs or the direct cutting of internet access in some countries, indicates El Hayat El Arabiya (P.21).

- Within the framework of the Environmental Landscape Awareness Programme, the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy, organizes a training session from 03 to 18 November for the local journalists of the wilaya of Oum- el-Bouaghi, says Le Soir d'Algérie (P.09).