Minister of Communication said that the national press is keen to support the country in the development

Minister of Communication, Government Spokesman, Acting Minister of Culture, Hassan Rabehi said on Monday in Algiers that the national press is keen to support the country in the development of its key events, namely the presidential election of December 12.

In a speech delivered on the sidelines of the 57th anniversary of the recovery of national sovereignty over Algerian Television and Radio on 28 October 1962, Rabehi said that "the national press, at its head the audiovisual sector, is concerned with supporting the country in its key events development, namely the presidential election of December 12."

"RTA's first generation "had met all the challenges, starting with the militant action, through the waves of the Secret Radio, then ensuring the continuity of the dissemination and training of national skills," recalled the Government Spokesman on this occasion.

Today, Algerian Radio and Television are fully aware of the scale and responsibility imposed by the current challenge, which is just as important as the challenge of liberation from colonial yoke.

In this regard, the Minister referred to "the honourable professional positions of the Radio and Television workers and officials towards their country, particularly in situations where the press is mobilized to defend the Nation's constants and its decisive choices."

"Our collective memory will remain grateful to our Glorious Revolution for the values enshrined in terms of self-sacrifice, love and solidarity between all its children who rejected all kinds of foreign interference in Algeria's internal affairs." 

In this regard, Rabehi was keen to "praise the role of the People's National Army in protecting human rights, national borders and territorial integrity." 

"We greet with respect and consideration our glorious Army detachments and all those who work in the service of Algeria," he concluded.