Algiers to host 28th General Assembly of AMAN on Tuesday, Wednesday

The Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies (AMAN) will hold on Tuesday and Wednesday in Algiers, its 28th General Assembly. Delegates from the 16 agencies, members of the Alliance, including Agency Algeria Press Service (APS) are expected to participate.

Several matters are included in the Assembly agenda, notably "News agencies facing new challenges: An opportunity to shift towards a global media." Organic questions relating to AMAN will also be addressed. The date and the venue of the coming General Assembly of the Alliance will be fixed. A prize-giving ceremony for the best articles and press photos will be organized on the occasion of this General Assembly.

Created in 1991, AMAN brings together news agencies from Algeria, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine, Libya, Tunisia, Mauritania, Morocco, Egypt and Syria.

The idea of creating a body regrouping Mediterranean news agencies had emerged during an international symposium on "The Mediterranean and the Communication of Tomorrow," organized in Tunis. The Alliance's objective is to strengthen the exchange of information, dialogue, development and cooperation between Mediterranean news agencies.

Algiers has twice hosted the General Assembly of this international association, in October 2003 and June 2009.