Presidential election: EU’s position denotes respect for Algerian people, state

Minister of Communication, Spokesman of the Government and Interim Culture Minister, Hassan Rabehi, said on Tuesday in Algiers that the position of the European Union (EU) vis-à-vis the upcoming presidential election in Algeria reflects its "full respect for the Algerian people and state.

"Everyone is free to express their position, but the European Union (EU) as an institution bringing together all the countries of the Union, has expressed its full respect for the Algerian people and state, but also for the measures taken to

guarantee a free, fair and independent election," said the minister on the sidelines of his inspection visit, together with the Chinese ambassador to Algiers, Li Lianhe, to a plot of land devoted to the construction of a culture and leisure complex in

Baraki (Algiers). 

To this end, the Minister said that an authority "has been created to supervise all stages of the electoral process."

These elections "will enable us to elect a President of the Republic enjoying full sovereignty for the political, legal and administrative construction for a better future of this dear country," added the Government Spokesman.

"Algeria has all the potential to enter a new qualitative stage in all fields," said Rabehi.

Spokeswoman of the European Union (EU), Maja Kocijancic, said Monday in Brussels that the EU had "encouraged Algerians from the beginning to work towards a democratic and peaceful outcome in a spirit of dialogue." 

"We hope that the presidential elections will help to meet the deep aspirations of the Algerian people, with respect for fundamental rights," added Maja Kocijancic



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