Presidential election: State committed to take into account all Panel conclusions

Minister of Communication, Spokesman of the Government, Hassan Rabehi, said Tuesday in Algiers that the State is committed to take into account all the conclusions of the National Panel for Dialogue and Mediation (INDM), including the revision of the electoral law and the legal and administrative frameworks relating to the organization of the presidential election.

"The State will take into account the conclusions of the Panel commissions, including the revision of the organic law on the electoral system and the relating legal and administrative measures," Rabehi said on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the parliamentary session 2019-2020.

The organization of fair election is conditioned by "wise and serious dialogue," he said. Answering a question on the calls for the departure of the current government, Rabehi said that the most of "ministers in this government have no political labels."

The minister renewed the State commitment to deal with all popular demands. Welcoming the support of the National People's Army (ANP) to this process, Rabehi reiterated that the aim is to enable the country to overcome this situation.