Communication Minister emphasises paramount importance of dialogue

Minister of Communication, Interim Minister of Culture and Government's Spokesman Hassan Rabehi on Monday highlighted the importance of dialogue in Algeria's current situation, and which requires convergence of ideas and views, without any exclusion, to allow Algeria to forge ahead in meeting the expectations of its citizens.

Speaking at a conference organized by Qur'an Radio on the importance of dialogue, Rabehi said "dialogue as a civilizational principle is, for our country today, a priority determined by the circumstances we are living, hence the importance of the convergence of ideas and views, without any exclusion or marginalization" in order for Algeria to "meet the expectations of its citizens." "We should establish a unifying dialogue for the sake of country's supreme interests, without narrow calculations or special interests," Rabehi said.

The minister called for "a dialogue that unifies ideas in the light of the assistance provided by the institution of the People's National Army."