Minister of Communication and Spokesman of the Government Hassane Rabehi said: "Security forces have never received instruction to repress marches"

Minister of Communication and Spokesman of the Government Hassane Rabehi said Wednesday in Algiers that the security forces "have received no instruction" to repress the popular marches demanding change and end of the regime in place.

"…the security forces have been instructed from neither the government nor the ruling circles, to repress the marches," Rabehi told a news conference following the meeting of the Government Council.

The Minister answered a question on the "repression" of the popular marches and the mistreatment female demonstrators had allegedly suffered in a police station.

"We have security forces and a Republican Army which will never give the right for the use of force against the citizens.”

In the same regard, the Government’s spokesman has denied "any measure to silence the opposition," adding that the "public media have never been instructed in this regard. They remain open for all, as long as the supreme interests of the country and the citizen are respected.”

Mentioning the speech of Lt General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Deputy Minister of National Defence, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army (ANP), in which he called for prosecuting the individuals involved in cases of corruption and dilapidation of public funds, Rabehi called the speech “decisive” as the Lt General has "certainly information on the basis of which he mentioned this matter, stressing on the role of the judiciary in the handling of such cases."

On a question about the ministers prevented from carrying our visits in some provinces, the minister referred to "unrepresentative protesters of these provinces’ inhabitants,"

Facing "these manipulations, everyone notably the media have to be aware of the need to preserve the country’s supreme interest."

The members of the current government, which is a caretaker government "are the children of the people," said Rabehi.

Its mission is "to ensure the completion of projects launched in the service of the citizen.”


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