Ad transparency: Committee to be set up in coming days

A committee will be set up in the next few days to implement the government's decision to adopting transparency and objectivity in public advertising between all public and private media, said Tuesday, in Algeria, Minister of Communication and Government’s spokesperson Hassan Rabie.

 “I have given firm instructions to ANEP officials to decide on the execution of the Government’s decision to granting advertising through the implementation of a committee comprising figures having the necessary skills to consult with all public and private sector partners,” said the  minister during a visit to the NationaPublishing and Advertising Agency (ANEP).

The minister said that the decisions were part of a work plan that would address the sector's concerns, noting that his department is working to set up a council of ethics and deontology in addition to a committee charged with studying and issuing the journalist’s card.

Last April, the Government adopted a series of measures for more "transparency and objectivity" in the distribution of public advertising between the media.

Rabehi said, in this respect, that the Government's decisions were aimed at enshrining the principles of "transparency, objectivity and democracy" in the award of public advertising in public and private media, noting that these measures are realistic, and reflect the "good will" of the government.

This committee will be set up in the next few days, in a broader consultation, regarding its human component and attributions, he said.

The committee will be based on the principles of “deontology, transparency and equity,” he added.