National press review of march, 13th 2019

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- As part of the celebration of World Women’s Rights Day, the National Organization of Algerian Sport Journalists (ONJSA) and its president, Youcef Tazir, in collaboration with the National Union of Public Entrepreneurs (ENAP), organized a reception yesterday at the CNAS Centre in Ben Aknoun (Algiers), to which all national media sports journalists were invited. The president of the ONJSA, announced the creation of a special prize, concerning the three specialties, namely audiovisual, radio and print media and that will be awarded each year to the best journalistic work, on the occasion of International Press Day, May 3rd , reports El Moudjahid (P.23).

Ouest Tribune (P.8) reviews the conference organised within the framework of the Assihar event, which continues on Tuesday, in Tamanrasset. Speaker Salem Aggari of the University of Tamanrasset highlighted the important role of the press in achieving and promoting African economic integration.


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