National press review of february, 14th 2019.

Information relating to press sector

Media :

- Horizons (P.24) evokes a communiqué from the Communications Cell of the General direction of National Security (DGSN), which warns against information broadcast via false police Facebook profiles and accounts «that aim at discord through « misleading slogans». The DGSN,  victim of this identity theft, intends to open an investigation.

- Liberté (P.8) announces the launch, yesterday from Tamanrasset of the National Forum to reorganize and defend the press, with the theme: «A long distance always shortened by communication». Rehabilitating the profession, training and improving working conditions of journalists are the main objectives of the forum, says its president Malika Idja

- Liberté (P.14) returns to the first national symposium on "Receiving Messages through New Media", organized from 11 to 12 February by the Department of Information and Communication Sciences of the Yahia-Farès University in Médéa in order to better understand the role of modern media in an era where the public has become a source of information via social networks.



  • وزير الإتصال: نحضر قوانين تعمل على تنظيم قطاع الإعلام
  • وزير الاتصال: "المواقف الرافضة لتنظيم الرئاسيات لا تخدم مصلحة الجزائر"
  • رابحي: رئاسيات 12 ديسمبر عهد جديد من الأمل والتطور في كنف الديمقراطية
  • رابحي: "الرئاسيات المقبلة موعد حاسم في تاريخ الجزائر "
  • وزير الإتصال: الجيش أحبط مخططات دنيئة ضد الجزائر
  • وكالة الانباء الجزائرية تطلق قناة اخبارية على "الواب