Press agency: Algeria’s press service

It was created on 1 December 1961, during the national liberation war, in order to be the flagship of the Algerian Revolution on the global media scene. Algeria’s Press Service was collecting its first news in a daily bulletin, crossed with the colours of the national emblem, which was being taken from the foreigner media.


As a supporter of the Revolution of November 1954, and just before the independence and after the cease fire, APS set up in the Casbah in Algiers, a historical city and a high place of the resistance. There, it prepared actively the post-war, the battle of building the state, the consolidation of the national sovereignty, without forgetting its duty of solidarity with third world nations struggling for liberation.

At the independence, APS was accommodated in a duplex at the level of the current boulevard Karim Belkacem (Aéro-Habitat). It developed its editorial, began establishing its network through the national territory, carried out first acquisitions of technical equipments, and endowed of a statute conferred it the mission of the public service. It started, equally, the training of journalists; technicians and operators.

On 1 April 1963, the agency moved to boulevard Ernesto Che" Guevara, it launched the telegraphic broadcasting of its news and became connected to the main international agencies. It spread its network of regional offices and starts to invest in representations abroad. Its photo service allowed it to broadcast Algeria’s photos under construction by « bélino » ............................................                                   

On 19 November 1985, APS became a public company with an economic and socio-cultural aspect. Transformed on 20 April 1991 into EPIC (Public Company with Industrial and Commercial Aspect) with prerogatives to the public service.

In January1993, the agency moved to its new headquarters in Kouba and invested entirely in the battle of the new technologies. Also, on the 1st January 1994, it started up its first computerized editorial system, and on 25 April 1995, it began to broadcast automatically the news.


On 18 February 1998 the APS inaugurated its website after a year of setting its pages at CERIST. On 05 July 1998, it launched both its web pages in Arabic and its product APS ONLINE. It was the starting point of a new step ahead to put the APS on the global path of information and communication. In November of the same year, the APS started the broadcasting via satellite which allowed enlarging its range of services.                                                                   .

Thus, its clients have the possibility to use, in remote and in real time, its data banks, its specified services, and for subscribers its digital photos and its info- graphic products.


At the level of the central edition, news is collected and processed by 12 chief - editors: politics, society, culture, sports, synthesis, regional, investigates and reports , economic, data bank, international , translation and internet. 


 At the regional level, news is collected by a network of correspondents gathered around of twelve coordinations which cover the whole of the national territory:

- Regional coordination of Algiers : Algiers
- Regional coordination of Annaba :  Guelma, Souk Ahras, El Tarf, Tebessa 
- Regional coordination of  Batna :  Khenchela, Oum El Bouaghi, Biskra, M'sila 
- Regional coordination of  Bechar :  Adrar, Tindouf 
- Regional coordination of  Blida :  Médéa, Chlef, Djelfa, Ain Defla, Tipaza 
- Regional coordination of  Constantine :  Jijel, Mila, Skikda, Bordj Bou Arreridj, Setif 
- Regional coordination of  Ouargla :  Ghardaia, Laghouat, Hassi Messaoud, El Oued 
- Regional coordination of Oran :  Mostaganem, Relizane, Mascara, Arzew 
- Regional coordination of Tamanrasset :  Illizi, Djanet, Bordj Badji Mokhtar 
- Regional coordination of Tizi Ouzou :  Bouira, Boumerdes, Bejaia 
Regional coordination of Tlemcen :  Sidi Bel Abbes, Ain Témouchent, Maghnia 
- Regional coordination of Saida :  Naama, El Bayadh, Tiaret, Tissemsilt 


At the international level, the APS is represented in twelve capitals:

Washington , Moscow , Paris ,London, Brussels , Rome , Madrid , Cairo , Rabat , Tunis ,Amman ,Dakar.





















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